Denisa Ioniță

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Denisa Ioniță

SEM consultant

I sometimes write about life, other times I play at the game of life, and that breathes new colour into things. I always try to find out stuff, to jump above my head and stop in time for a slow motion.

I’m curious, I ask myself questions, I invent stories and come up with strategies with a whiff of marketing, so that brands should live happily ever after in the entrepreneurial realm. I love challenges, things that are well done, and the people behind them.

I play with words every day, I travel about the Social Media world, and love to implement content strategies. Then I season them with a drop of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords flavour.

I get my daily dose of energy from writing, black tea and loooots of chocolate. Apart from that, I don’t miss cultural events or board game meetings.