Ciprian Adam

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Ciprian Adam

ceo, senior marketing consultant

I love people and their ideas. And the life in them. And sometimes I wonder what I want to be when I grow old(er). Hmm, I think I’ll stay the kid I am now. No one can take that away from me.

Sometimes I’m way too serious   (some say), other times I’m all jokes and crazy ideas  (others whisper), the truth is somewhere in the middle… around the Equator.  I love the art of doing marketing, but I think it amounts to almost nothing without strategy and planning. I like words and their power to getting across unique thoughts and experiences, with passion and engagement.

As for travel and special places, I couldn’t live without them. I hit the rollerblades (and sometimes the ground ), I lose at “Aggravation” and I want a motorbike. I believe in extremely well done things. And I breathe marketing. Cool sensation, you can feel it too, right?