Andrei Mimiș | chief smiler

Andrei Mimiș

online storyteller

Wait a sec, where’s my cup of tea? Ok, better, there we go…

Creative, hyper-active, own-time freak, contagiously enthusiastic, I’m always trying to make everyone smile. Success is what keeps me up and running, and smiling is my thing (kind of a business card). I love people smiling and enjoying life around me, being totally energised by their optimism. I am in a permanent quest to challenge the impossible.

With an ‘artistic’ background in my favour, I love and taste various forms of art, from graffiti to acting, from creative beatboxing to the lonely sound of a crying violin.

Well, no more bragging about. Seriously now, I’m just a guy, perfectly aware you only live once, therefore trying to make a huge difference in the world, and be remembered for a long time. Until then, let’s live the moment really looking to the future.

Enjoy what you’re doing!