Andreea Vladescu

Andreea Vladescu

social media manager

A happy human being who wishes to become the best version of herself and then to update it, this is the way I would best define myself.

I have a lot of ideas and I like to give full play to my imagination, but I am quite realistic, therefore, I am the first to set limits.

This makes my life harder, but when I do not understand anything or when being an adult seems to be too hard, I drink a cup of coffee – we can say that it is the mint or chamomile tea for me. If it is not working, I go out for a walk – this would be the pill for the headache, and if the pain is not watered down, I have to visit the doctor, I have no choices, and my doctor is a white piece of paper.

I’ve learned to trust my weirdest ideas and to let loose my energy and my enthusiasm.

Yes, I believe in Prince Charming. The best part is that there is not just one Prince Charming, they are all over the world. All you have to do is find them and when you do it, you have to take care to not lose them.

Prince Charming is the person who trusts you, the person who loves your crazy ideas, the person who contradicts you to get the best out of you, the person who rejoices with you, the person who believes in your stories, the person who motivates you to move on.

Prince Charming, nice to meet you!