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A complicated market

“Complicated” is an elegant word choice. In fact, plenty of money lenders have created negative perceptions in the public’s mind, but these shouldn’t be generalized to all actors on the market. Money that’s easy to get but costs a fortune to give back. Catchy ads that make you ring people up without knowing what’s in store for you. Well, amidst all the chaos, EBIG has met Vitas (, a member of the Vitas Group, formerly CHF International.

Direct and outspoken from the start

The discussion quickly moved in the direction of customer orientation. They explained their vision, they spoke to us about their business strategy, about rebranding to Vitas Romania, about their values and their operational plan for the following years. Yes, they are fair and they care. Although several other topics looked more tempting, we started with…

Media planning and media buying

The radio campaign has already gone through three stages: the first had the flavour of a rebranding effort, the second and third (which included service providers) had the rich taste of a new product being launched onto the market. The radio stations we reached? Hey, what kind of question is this? Those which best covered our client’s target, naturally.

During the rebranding campaign, we lobbied on the radio for such characters as the hairdresser and her troubles, the taxi driver and his cars, the carpenter and his customers’ demands.  In the slightly unfair competition between the local branches of national radios and small local stations, the national ones won. More precisely, local PRO FM stations in five county capitals, with 20 and 40-second spots and approximately 700 airings, in a campaign that lasted for three weeks. For those who want to grow.


The product campaign was on the air in the same five locations, with radio spots that introduced “simple credit,” which “even a child can understand.” The 20 or 40-second spots and the new series of approximately 700 airings in three weeks communicated easy to understand advantages: no commission, no paperwork, the first credit product in the country where no financial documents are required.

Client advantage

Beyond the various options offered by the mix of radio stations, airing times, best time slots or relevant locations, we obtained significant discounts for Vitas, we the correction coefficient in check, to our client’s advantage, and we added bonuses in the shape of over 100 airings. The reports signed by PRO FM reached the client, and confirmed the airings according to specifications. At the end of three campaigns, others are going to follow, all with a plus for our client.