Vermont România | inspired by nature |


It all began when, during a visit in Kenya, Adriana Lazăr let herself be inspired by nature and seduced by the story of flowers that last for ever, and ever, and ever. In Africa, at the mother factory Vermont, she learned the craft of flower immortality. She soon returned home, where she brought with her the concept of natural flower preservation.

A moment of happiness

I guess we’ve all given flowers, at least once. Try summing up the emotions of offering and receiving, then multiply the result by the number of years the flower stays in the vase. Or the flowerpot.

What, can’t pin down the figure? You’ll have a reason to be happy every day. And when the words “Inspired by nature” came out of our mouth, we decided to stick with them. Created, tested and approved by EBIG.

Market research

With the recipe for success implemented in innovative products, the client wanted to see who was out there on the Romanian market. We braced ourselves, armed with laptops, paper and pens, and launched a qualitative, descriptive study, based on secondary data – the data you can find on the market and access if you know where to look.

And so, step by step, we combed everything with a fine tooth comb and drew up a concrete and detailed list of the direct and indirect competitors in Timișoara, but also all over Romania, identifying at the same time potential clients or collaborators. Ain’t bad, right?

And, since we know how to do qualitative studies, we also wanted to undertake a quantitative one, in which we involved third parties in choosing the suitable logo for Flower4Nuts, and it was so successful (over 200 respondents) that we did the same to choose the tagline. What do you think happened?

Yep, you’ve guessed right!


Flower4Nuts became associated with Vermont and needed a cool identity. After we dried out a river of coffee and went through several kilometres of pages on botany, we delivered just what our client wanted: logo, tag, stationery, a nice brochure and various materials for print. What else can we say? An identity that’s full of life, just like the flowers.

In the end, Flower4Nuts took shelter under the Vermont “stamp,” for reasons easy to understand. We were left with branding work we enjoyed, and Adriana with an identity to her liking.



How about the website? Since the business was brand new in Romanina, we began by choosing a domain name. Then, we devised the structure, stepping into the shoes of the client who would like to know what Vermont Romania means. We developed a neat and natural design, which reflects the “soul” of the business.