Think twice, work once

It’s best to let others do the thinking for you. When you know for sure that the result of the “thinking” is in your best interest, you’ve got no worries. Not only is each Thinkweb product tailored specially for every individual client, but it will from now on do your “thinking” for you. It’ll even think several times, and surely you’ll only do the work once.

In-depth thinking and research


With a full time subscription, we started researching the market to find out the demand for specialized software customized for individual users. A business in continuous expansion on the Belgian market, it comes to the support of other businesses that want to optimize and organize their work. Competitors can be “crushed” through quality services, but it’s always good to know your opponents, so we didn’t forget to do a pertinent analysis of these. You know we’ve got information-thirsty “researchers,” right?


Wanting to help others is great, but we should also be able to use the right words when we describe ourselves. It is essential for copy to live up to the services. Objective attained, we say, in all modesty.

Webdesign and development

We have the product, we have the words. What’s next? A nice presentation. The identity is colourful, friendly and professional, and when we implemented the microsite we took extra care to keep the cheerful tone.


They know their business, their competition and the market. They have quality products, a good description and an equally good presentation. Nothing’s stopping Thinkweb from becoming market leaders. They have the recipe for success.