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Cheaper, better, closer

In other words, this supermarket chain is your neighbour. Your nearby shop, with super-friendly business hours and prices worthy of a discount store. With a network of over 165 shops in Romania, since 1999, and with a dizzying expansion plan, Profi Romania is committed to being cheaper, better, closer every day. And it enjoys the support of its over 4,400 employees.

Proudly Profi

We met for shopping. We filled the basket with ideas. We went on to fill the shelves with solutions. We had a chat. We peeked at each other’s baskets and we liked what we saw. We reached conclusions and set objectives, and we smiled. We made friends on Facebook and started checking things in the background.

The challenge: talking to 37,000 friends, every day. Challenge accepted! It was a lovely day, on April 1. No joke intended! Since then, EBIG has been communicating professionally on Facebook for the Profi Romania supermarket chain. Like?

Social Media Marketing

We belong to that category of people who breathe empathy and love conversation. With an open mind, a taste for Facebook’s intricacies and alluring words, we put together all the information that had to be communicated and, armed with Profi Romania strategy, we began to communicate with over 37,000 online friends. The editorial plan, tailored to the stores’ needs and polished in characteristic EBIG style, came with well defined objectives and a drive to exceed them.


From current topics to promotional brochures, delicious recipes and special offers, to CSR and loyalty campaigns, we covered it all, committed to our role in Customer Care. We managed to increase the average monthly virality by over 0.5%, to achieve a threefold increase in visits from Facebook, and to increase the fan base organically, with a very small Unlike rate. Bimonthly reporting included, feedback is read with a smile on our faces. Because our Social Media Manager is very fond of this project, and because it has a lot of potential, things happen at the speed of light: we have super results, reflected in figures, without the usual rush for Like & Share.

Graphic Design

As if caught in a perennial love affair, Social Media and Graphic Design are forever friends. So seem to be the Social Media Manager and the Graphic Designer at EBIG, who appear tocommunicate just by looking at each other and transpose all written information visually without effort. Long live Illustrator, Photoshop and the clever brain of the person who can handle them to the liking of a website’s friends, customers, and the whole team. Although we started off by first managing only the company’s Facebook account, this collaboration package was rounded off with other marketing material and became Facebook Page Management + Graphic Design. You can really tell when something’s done out of passion, right?



Dacă am vorbit despre comunicarea de zi cu zi și mesajele catchy cu Like de la prieteni, acum povestim despre alte lucruri pufoase. Din dorința de a fi mai aproape de prietenii paginii de Facebook, Profi România ne-a zâmbit cu un concurs frumos, cu ocazia zilei de 1 iunie. Ei au venit cu mecanismul, EBIG a venit cu conceptul creativ. De la procesul de naming la vizual, mesaje de comunicat și gestionare a invitației de a “Fii mai copil!”, la sfârșitul perioadei, 80 de Pițigoi au pornit spre prietenii paginii.

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