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Memories in a jar

It’s said that Romanians aren’t very patriotic, because we lack a well-defined country brand. Still, after they leave the country to work or go to university, Romanians get rather homesick. Every time.

This is how Prăvăliadeacasă.ro started, following the path of Romanians all over the world, in order to satisfy their nostalgia through books or childhood games, music or movies, delicious food or drinks, and many other products surrounded by nostalgia. All well chosen to rekindle sweet memories of home, forgotten, it seems, in some dusty old trunk.

Why we fell in love with the brand

Whoever used to have grandparents in the countryside remembers the taste of apricot jam, spread on steaming hot bread straight out of the oven, to go with all the pranks of their childhood summers. Or a certain cup of cinnamon-flavoured mulled wine, sipped at a cabin by Lake Bâlea, in the chilly winter of 1978. Just what the doctor ordered after an incredible hike through the blizzard and puffy snowdrifts.

We were thrilled by the challenge of working with an online shop which doesn’t sell regular products, but makes you relive the most cherished moments in your life. If you are far from home, these memories in a jar are extremely hard to find.

PR and copywriting

We couldn’t wait to jump in and help them. We wrote PR articles for, which were published on many websites and blogs.

The first appearances of the Shop were on Wall StreetBusiness CoverBani și AfaceriȘtiri de Bine, Positive Romania (launch, productpresentholiday), after which we stopped counting and went with the flow of our feelings.



Let’s not spend any more time on theoretical explanations, so let’s show you Prăvălia de acasă’s identity guidelines . The stamp guarantees that the products will meet customers’ expectations, together with the taste of memories from long ago.


Some of the marketing materials used for this client:


At the very beginning, we expected to spend sleepless nights doing research, and subscribe to evenings with overtime and more coffee than common sense would otherwise dictate. But we were wrong.

The designer (a very calm fellow, he says) did quite a cool job (say we, as well as the client), and here’s what came out:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords was a key instrument in the store’s launch. We chose to promote the store as a whole, alongside the main categories of products. For each campaign, we chose the relevant keywords (content, search volume), and the corresponding settings. We didn’t really want all French people to see our ads, right? Just Romanians who live in France.

We then tracked adWords clickthrough visitors’ behaviour on Google Analytics. We then customized the campaign accordingly (by optimizing ads, keywords, matching type, max CPC/keywords, ad groups, etc.).

We ran Pay-Per-Click and Google Display Network campaigns with over 40 ad groups (each with its corresponding keywords and at least two or three ad variants), which were permanently optimized, so that we could get the best results. In brief, Prăvălia de acasă’s AdWords ads were shown to people who were looking for Romanian products and were not in physically located the country.

At the store’s launch, Google AdWords was one of the main sources of traffic, as well as new visits to the store (increased notoriety). We got relevant traffic, but also above average values in quality indicators: time spent in the store, number of pages visited, store bounce rate, and all sorts of other relevant stuff.

When compared to the other instruments used, AdWords had the lowest cost for attracting a visit and the best conversion rate. And then, we also got to enjoy the treats in the store. We deserved it!

Google Analytics

Through Google Analytics we monitor traffic in the online store, from demographic data to tracking conversions based on visitors’ origin. With help from the data, we constructed reports which help us match supplies with demand. A plus in efficiency.

Social Media Marketing

Starting from the idea that there are many Romanians aborad who are consistently haunted by homesickness, we found Facebook an excellent opportunity to reach them. Armed with a well-designed editorial plan, we took the liberty to play with over 800 Romanian products that make your mouth water. Over a period of 18 months, the store’s page collected over 3000 nostalgic fans. We loved communicating with them and listening to their stories, their questions and witnessing their delight upon rediscovering a product which tasted of home sweet home.

Our Community Manager used to say that the webpage grew like dough left to rise. Thanks to Facebook Ads, we succeeded in reaching the right people who fit the profile of our target customer. Have a look at several examples of ads that smell like grandma’s sponge cake.

With an average virality (per posting) of 4% and a maximum of 29.74%, the Facebook page of Prăvălia de acasă is one of the coolest Social Media projects we’re managing.

FB-Pravalia Other-FB-Pravalia colaj_prava_fbads

Media Buying

We’ve advertised Prăvăliadeacasă.ro on sites such as,,,, Ș, Româniapozitivă.ro, as well as the Google Display Network. Again, we only targeted Romanians who were abroad. Here are several banners we used for the stores’s launch campaign: