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Don’t shout, I hear you just fine!

We think that it would probably be enough to say that “Orange is Orange. The end.” That we probably don’t need to explain that this is a major world player in the field of telecommunications and the main provider of mobile telephone services (internet included, obviously) in Romania.

They phoned us, we picked up right away

In the call we got from Orange, the “Reject” button disappeared off the screen. They tickled our fancy when we began to discuss PR, copywriting and transcreation. So much did we like their suggestion to communicate with them and, further on, about them, that we responded straight away.


At the time, Orange was adding to its portfolio a new product, aimed at their Platinum and Gold clients. It was a stylish, elegant and innovative Smart Phone, with super options. And next, guess who wrote the success story of their product?

We also cooked up a nice text for a Christmas campaign, for spots aired on radio, as well as a common language between the Orange brand and its clients, which found its place right on the company’s web site.


Since in copywriting it proved we spoke the same language, they presented us with the challenge of doing transcreations for Orange UK. We gave them a friendly smile, found the common denominator and transposed, for the benefit of both English and Romanians, the same text, the same image, the same qualities and advantages. What we did? A few installation and use guides for various Orange products. Apparently, they didn’t get any calls for further installation support.


We very much liked to talk to Romania about Orange and its services. We loved to see people curious to find out about the new products in the portfolio. In a flash, our PR specialist talked to Orange’s clients and obtained testimonials that were perfect to spread around, informed about super-interesting events, and accurately captured the essence of the Orange brand–by using the most suitable words and reactions.