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About words, colour and…Nokia

Yes, let’s chat a little about colour and words. The colour we’re talking about here is one – orange, the words are several.

A colour can speak a thousand words. But you may need 1001 words. What then? We arm ourselves with a lot of creativity and a literary mindset, and we join our forces to do transcreation. We don’t forget to tailor everything to the needs of our client – Nokia, and its two models: Nokia 6680 / N70 and Nokia E61.

Orange emails, in our own language

When we talk emails, we talk words. So, for all Orange users the email service must be easy to understand, the message clear, and – naturally – make the subscribers appreciate it for the information it offers.

Let us show you how we played with the orange emails.

Actually, we’re not just playful, we’re also extremely well-organized.

To our mix of colour and words, we added attention to detail, precision, logical thinking and order – not just to ensure understanding, but especially because they are Nokia attributes. It’s important to speak everyone’s language and to convey our clients’ message as accurately as possible, right?