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The whole world’s a buzz

Lingo 24 is the largest translation company in the world. With over 4000 translators, they have clients such as Bloomberg, MTV, Orange, T-mobile and others, as hard to count as needles in a haystack. Yep, that’s how many they are, not to mention the fact that they always come back for more high-class services.

Let me type away…

Our friends keep telling us that we’ve got a way with words. Literally, although we sometimes do get tempted by the figurative. With our creative sleeves rolled up and with a desire for excellence, we delved into the depths of transcreation and played with the commercial texts we received from Lingo 24 or from several clients such as Nokia, Dove or Vodafone.

Whether we strived to be in tune with presentation manual etiquette or preserve the texture and accuracy of brochures, we did a good job. User manuals also fell prey to our pen. We dabbed the text in red, we used a cool intelligent predictive processing tool (but that’s a secret for now), we checked and validated with “Accept changes,” and the result was worth the wait. What do you mean, how we know? They asked for more.

Romania’s infosphere

Not that we weren’t the most suitable people for this, but we didn’t quite expect to help attract investors to the country. We wanted to offer them on a tray, fresh out of the oven, some well-done marketing, so they could see results right away. That’s how far we threw our harpoons and fished for information. Relevant, and with an extra bonus, ‘coz we’re buddies, right?

That’s how Romanian market overview came out of the digital print shop, with no unnecessary details to confuse you. Just facts. About Romania, of course.