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This is them

The dedicated people at Johnson & Johnson use innovative ideas to bring into the lives of millions of people all over the world products and services that make them healthier. When you say J&J, you say the largest and most diverse company that produces medical and diagnostic equipment, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, the world’s sixth-largest consumer health company and fifth-largest manufacturer of biological products. Eh, and you thought we were only talking about their famous line of baby products?

From figures to information

When, by uttering a single name, you actually mean a whole bunch of other companies, you can get an idea of the torrent of data that flows from tens of thousands of reports and transactions. That’s what happens in the case of these industry heavyweights. They saw their chance in the person of our colleague, Professor Emeritus in BI. We took up the challenge.

We pulled it off

Over the whole period of our good and healthy collaboration, we took care of:
– data modelling, from analysis to the transformation of data into useful information. Interpretation included.
– defining the key performance indicators (KPIs), which were the secret ingredient that helped monitoring of sales forces and of the results of sales promotion campaigns and which decoded, in detail, the marketing activities and the events organized. Let there be parameters, we said – and they agreed – , and let’s find out exactly what’s going on.

We packaged everything nicely into reports as well as sales and marketing BI dashboards, and we played with Oracle applications and technologies. The client got to see the picture clearly in front of his eyes.