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The way “home”

We always want more options. Still, the more we have, the harder it is to choose. Well, is here to make life easier. In a few clicks, and with a strong emphasis on quality, it offers relevant information to those interested in buying, renting or selling flats, houses, office or industrial real estate, or land. Without further ado: it’s the largest real estate market in Romania, where individuals and businesses can find home.

Marketing strategy

It’s been 5 years already, half a decade. How do we link business objectives to marketing objectives? What happens next in terms of communication strategy?  This is where we started, and then we moveed on to the operational level, where we continue to articulate messages, set up campaigns based on annual budgets, and monitor the results in conversions that are as measurable as it gets (unless you think, by any chance, that unique monthly visitors or Share of Discussion aren’t real measurements). We set out to be leaders from the very start.

Whether we’re taking about the perception of in the marketplace (PR), text creation (copywriting) or graphic design (webdesign) for various campaigns or promotional materials, organizing B2B events, creating of partnerships and business growth solutions, having adventures in Social Media or PPC optimizations with Google Analytics at our fingertips, we make things happen. It’s not by chance that has been and is set to remain the No.1 choice.

PR and copywriting, with SEO effects

We took our mission of “newsmongers” seriously and we spread the news to the four corners of the earth. Have you heard of Imosfera, the first online real estate fair in Romania? A simple concept: what’s easier than participating in a fair from the comfort of your own home? Probably nothing.’s estimated brand equity as a result of the fair is worth 60,000 euros. Here’s an overview  of Imosfera media appearances: TV (6), press (20), radio (2), online (over 100). You must be wondering how we can measure this, right? Ask us, we can’t wait to tell you. ended up being the word on all major national publications’ lips. Which, to us, means tons of backlinks, just what the doctor ordered for SEO and for great results on good old Google.


Word about got on all the way to Moise Guran, who in his show Ora de business (Business Hour), one of the most notable business programmes in the country, mentioned the portal as being the most complete. Since this is the most complete real estate database in the country, we are able to communicate about the “ index” providing public information about trends on the real estate market.

There’s also been room to get unconventional. The “real estate vaccine” campaign, with its anti-crisis effect, took place in 13 cities and emphasized the use of online services for information gathering and making property purchases. The “Choose to sell smart” campaign was a humorous take on the inefficient ways in which real estate ads are promoted. In such campaigns, we targeted and achieved an increase in notoriety.

The story of PR on is a long one, and it hasn’t yet reached the fairy tale ending of “they sold real estate forever after.” We do, however, want to add something essential by showing you the PR graphs of January 2013, which describe beautiful tale. As they say, figures never lie.


Good and active PR goes hand in hand with good quality writing. We always have them at hand, and we get across relevant, quality messages as easily as you’d write “3-bedroom flat for sale.” And just as naturally.

Branding and design

Once they reached the position of market leader in the field, needed campaigns and services for brand maintenance. As they say, we fought to make it, now we have to fight to stay on top. In their case, the “fight” meant organizing campaigns that helped them reach their goals. What we used? Dozens of materials. What we accomplished? Branding.

Any marketing material that bears the stamp of a leader must look excellent, or better. Especially if you are our client, you can be confident that we analyse everything with a magnifying glass and we see the pixels inside each pixel. The marketing materials we devised for preserved the serious, elegant and modern style followed by from the very beginning. Our colleague in design – quite the artist by nature – created, among other things, the best product presentation has had, ever since they started (in 2000).

Branding goes hand in hand with well-crafted words. We don’t forget to be serious, and we strive to create quality materials. We don’t mean only that they should look good, but also that they convey the’s message as effectively as possible. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but for we also need elegant and well-chosen words. Have we tempted you to a 3-bedroom flat yet?

Social media

Feedback has always been a priority. Not only on Facebook or face-to-face, but also in the blogosphere.This is not the first campaign, nor the last. Ever since 2009, we have invited users, under the careful evaluation of a panel made up of well-known bloggers, to make recommendations and win prizes in the “ lets you test it” campaign.

b_box_parerea_ta_homese lasa testat

Let’s have a look at the 12 years of Imobiliare campaigns, this infographic will give you a pretty good idea.

Training and Coaching

Some people care a lot about their clients. That’s what those at are like, because they invest in people. We’ve done 5 trainings together in Proactive Sales and in Customer Care, to make sure we’re always placing the client at the top of our priorities list. Stepping into the customer’s shoes, we came up with scenarios, we asked problems and found solutions together. We learned to cope with grouchy clients, to assume responsibility and to focus on solving the problem, not on finding out who’s to blame. The whole thing went rather quickly, those at Customer Care have the information at their fingertips and nowadays there’s no way you can catch them on the wrong foot. With people in Sales, we practiced methods of getting to know potential clients, and how to approach them by offering valuable experiences and solutions to their problems. We got an A-plus for those training sessions and we were asked for an encore.

Beyond the sessions themselves, strategic or operational discussions on exciting topics make coaching a real pleasure, so that we learn together and develop solutions or new opportunities.


Extra information never hurts. Nor do several pairs of X-ray eyes, keen on figures and sharp in helping the brain do its analysis. Even if we don’t handle the Analytics reporting system ourselves, access to the information enables us to help our client, whenever our telephone (or inbox) rings for advice. At over 620,000 unique monthly visitors, we also had things to learn, and our certified colleagues beam at the sight of the data.