Grădinița lui Goghiță

First steps in life

Moms, dads and grandparents are always looking for what’s best for their little’uns. At Goghiță’s Kindergarten, impeccable education is a standard they try to live up to every day. Still, what makes our kindergarten so special? Well, it’s the way they perfectly understand and meet both children’s and parents’ needs.

There are 14 video cameras to help if they miss their little one. There’s a gym and a PE teacher, a playground in the big, big yard, a psychologist who counsels the parents as well as the kids, a nutritionist who prepares the kids’ menu, food that’s seasoned with love, fridges and separate paths for dishes and food. We don’t even know if we can enumerate everything without getting lost in the details. But we’re sure you get the picture. It’s your kid’s world.

First steps on the market

Simon says: bring in the kids! Having just started to walk and being very curious by nature, Goghiță was looking for answers and solutions, equipped with a license from the Ministry of Education, super qualified staff and arms wide open to receive the kids. What else was there to do? The story had just started and needed noisy little munchkins to give it life.

This is how they reached us, kids dressed up as marketing consultants.They caught us in a good mood and full of ideas. We talked about PPC, SEO monitoring and Google Analytics, competitor analysis and appetite for communication in the Social Media. We sketched stories and “coloured” marketing materials. The strategy? We’re tiny little munchkins and want to grow up big and strong!

Competition analysis

In other words, we got off on the right foot. At first we crawled, starting with an internet search, and then we played “mystery client” and called all the moms and dads we knew to ask about the kindergartens their small ’uns attended. Not even Goghiță got away. We went undercover to see how they would play with us if they didn’t know us. The result? Valuable information on the 22 most important competitors, transposed into perceptual maps for accurate and relevant analysis.

goghita_harti_perceptuale (2)

Branding and design

We know all too well that, whatever position you’re in on the market, branding campaigns are a must. So that we also made huuuge banners, the size of a kindergarten, T-shirts, sampling campaigns at the mall and flyers in the shape of lovely masks. Meant for the kids to love, and for the parents to get acquainted with Goghiță.

colaj goghita


Copywriting that also works for SEO

We started with the website’s heart, i.e. the content. Naturally, after we toured the kindergarten ourselves to see the marvel with our own eyes. We wrote some nice texts, and we aimed our message straight at the target, PPC and SEO, so that everyone should get what a cool thing it is when you go to Goghiță’s kindergarten.

Afterwards, everything was a piece of cake. Maintaining the site, announcing the events and the news, articles in the shape of stories and pictures with the kiddies in full action. A delight!

colaj_copy_goghita2 colaj_copy_goghita1


We limited ourselves to campaigns in the Google AdWords Search Network. We don’t want to waste our client’s resources. On both mobile devices and laptops, the targeting and the keywords got along swell. We optimized and modified them, and the results were best visible in our client’s pocket.


Social Media Marketing

When we’re talking Social Media, there’s no room for doubt. You have to be there, you have to get involved. To communicate and answer questions. To do it with enthusiasm and professionalism. We devised Facebook Ads and promoted posts. The result was a well-seasoned, tasteful mix. We made them curious, and questions soon started coming in. Good thing we’ve got lots of answers and solutions.