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The name of the game

We think of Business Intelligence as the most technical tool we’ve ever laid our eyes on. No kidding. And when you are large and want to become a giant, you need to do so intelligently. We see BI as the hand that pulls you by the sleeve and shows you where you are and where to go next.

What we like

Their burning desire to find new opportunities and squeeze what’s best out of these. That they’re alert, that they invest in science and technology, as well as in people who can handle the technologies that make development possible.

Our consultant, who’s as smart as a whip, was quick off the mark and offered them the support they needed in taking business decisions and formulating long term strategies.

From data to information

That’s what they wanted, so what did we do?


We managed the information modelling of the organization (Belgium and Luxembourg), which lead in no time to developing correct business strategies and decisions without too much worry.

We administered the general information system. Figures, figures and more figures.

We got involved and ensured the global data quality management.

We taught the sales + marketing + brand manager teams how to monitor the results of their work.

We defined the key performance indicators. A sort of monitoring guidelines, which:

  • offered an overview of sales force performance;
  • tracked the results of promotional and sales promotion campaigns;
  • allowed monitoring of marketing activities and of events organized.

Then, in collaboration with the manager in charge of commercial efficiency, we developed BI reports and dashboards for sales and marketing activities, using Oracle technologies and applications.

Easy-peasy, right?