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A passion for plants, since 1929

There is a Romanian saying which goes something like: “Those who haven’t got old folks should buy them.” Whether it’s a story, a piece of advice or a remedy, ‘the old folks’ know best. Because he didn’t have any such elders, Andrei Farago studied pharmacy in Vienna and developed a passion for transforming medicinal plants into small natural miracles.

Over 80 years have passed, but Andrei Farago’s craft has remained a hallmark of Romanian phytotherapy, a heritage embraced by Fares Orăștie.

Feel healthy from the start

Because most beautiful things are those made with passion. Because Fares means more than healthy tea and because in Romania we all have something made by Fares at home, even if we don’t know it. Bet you just ran to the kitchen to check, right? 🙂

We fondly remember the onion tea our grandparents used to make when we had a cold. Our colleagues used to moan all day that they’d tried diet X and Y based on hungerstrike and capsules of stardust. Our parents take cholesterol medication even now. We all go on a detox diet in spring, to go with the perennial house cleaning. Why not make them all natural, based on medicinal plants?

Our collaboration started from the desire to get closer and talk with friends of the brand. To communicate the benefits of healthy living. What’s there not to like?

Social Media Marketing

We believe that Social Media means much more than constructing Facebook pages or posts, liking and sharing. We believe in creating communities where friends of the brand can chat and share impressions. The brand should lend an ear to what they have to say and should act accordingly. Good enough theory, but we actually put it into practice very nicely at Fares.

With the help of an organic editorial plan (pun intended!), we offered relevant information to a public that was thirsty for aromatic teas, to those with a taste for getting healthy and staying that way. We involved them in the brand’s everyday life, and they very much enjoyed it. Using Facebook Ads, we managed to bring them together on our wall at costs lower than 0.1 RON/fan. A beloved brand, Fares got to meet over 8000 local, real, and relevant friends in less than 7 months.

Our stories generated an average monthly virality of over 7%, peaking at over 22%, with 1 in 2 fans talking about the brand. Truly sensational figures! And a happy end to the tale of how we found the perfect recipe for blending passion and science.


FB Fares3

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Blogosphere Campaigns

Since healthy living is an increasingly widespread interest and the brand is a popular one, we thought of helping 15 lady bloggers detox their bodies. After selecting the concept, message and participating blogs, we made friends and surprised them with beautifully packaged personalized health bags, from Fares with love.

And we so loved making them smile (btw, so did they), that we did it again: another package for the holiday season. Thus, out of the blue, 13 articles about Fares bloomed all over the blogosphere, with 38 mentions of the brand on Facebook.

Value for the brand? Priceless. Online presence? Well targeted and beautifully exemplified. Site traffic? Google Analytics told us there was a lot, and all of it was good news. Whom should we thank? All those lovely bloggers, readers and you, dear friend of the Fares brand.


In the age of speed and time shortage, we take time to find just the right words, in tune with the client’s personality. Life’s easy when you know exactly what you have to say and, even more importantly, to whom.

colaj scrisori fares


The doctors at Fares liked our idea of getting involved in forum discussions and bringing extra value to the brand by responding to members of the target audience who were plagued by health issues, or troubled by questions.

We quickly made a selection of forums focusing on health-related topics, we opened accounts for the physicians, we drew up a straightforward good practice guide and we offered them all the support they needed in the implementation. The result? An association between the brand and health, less than 24 hours response time, and users who were happy with the information and promptness. A plus for everyone, we’d say.



Over 85% of Fares’s traffic comes from SEO. With good site maintenance and optimization, we achieved an increase of over 74% in visits (2012 vs. 2011) for incoming traffic from search engines. We carefully monitored ranking for several keywords, because we didn’t want to miss anything. Searching for remedies on Google is pretty cool! And, since Google loves Wikipedia so much, we also took great care when writing the Fares Wikipedia page.

Google Analytics

When we speak of e-commerce, we know an Analytics account is part of the package. We don’t take it lightly, that Google badge means a lot to us. Besides monitoring traffic data, we defined segments, set objectives and devised conversion funnels which helped us transform figures into explanations.

Basically, we started with a huge puzzle, which we first understood; then, we used it to give our visitors a hand and prevent them from getting stuck anywhere on the site.

After implementation, the figures boomed. Increased uniques and visits, website browsed at leisure and we doubled overall traffic. In other words, target reached, happy client, healthier consumer.