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PPC Room Service

Who doesn’t have a hotel should buy one! Well, income and budget permitting.

Joke aside, you take a 4-star hotel in the historic centre of Timișoara, with luxurious comfort, delicious cuisine and the whole shebang, for business meetings that result in signed contracts.

Then, you analyse the initial situation, the short and medium term business objectives. You cook up a promotion plan on Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, as the savvy would put it. Then, you sit back and enjoy the results, in the shape of win-win check-ins.

Google AdWords campaign

In Google AdWords we found an excellent way to increase the number of online check-ins and to promote the hotel’s attractive offers (massage voucher, restaurant etc.)

The careful optimization of the campaigns generated 36% of the traffic on the site, and the dedicated landing page increased the number of Internet check-ins. Also, let’s not forget the increase in the hotel’s notoriety among the foreign visitors who were searching for accommodation in Timișoara in 2010.