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The Little Cottage in the Woods

Even if you’re one of the seven dwarves, you’re bound to like Grunwald. Not because the houses are small, but because there are solutions for every taste. If you’d like to turn the music up, it means you’d rather have your own house. If you’re nostalgic, there are flats too, even spacious ones. Everything is exactly as you wish, as you’ve been dreaming.

Every house, a story

Grunwald is an oasis of quietness, far from the stress of the city. A special place where you can grow young alongside your children. Where you love your neighbours. Where you have your coffee outside, in the fresh and cool morning air. Rainbow included in the price.


First of all, we spoke to the people. To the first residents. In order to hear their stories, to find out the truth.

Quietness. Trust. People. The Grunwald identity had to be different from the seriousness that dominated the real estate market. So we switched to “child mode” and started playing. And what does every “little rascal” play with? Cuuubes!

Because we were quite literally close to the Green Forest, the tree also belonged in the story. Here’s the result:



Our play with cubes moved online. We’re friendly in all communication media.

Social Media Marketing

We started off the Grunwald Facebook page, then left the reins in the capable hands of the people there. We helped them in the beginning, and afterwards they managed by themselves. They’re grown ups, right?