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I need some space!

This is not someone who’s making a cheap excuse when they want to go out without their boyfriend/girlfriend, but businesses that are looking for a suitable space in which to carry out their activities. City Business Centre is the place where all entrepreneurial ambitions in the region meet up to create new opportunities.

Higher, even higher, as high as you can

The emphasis on quality is obvious, but it’s just for those businesses that deserve it. As they say, good wine is for refined tastes, serious literature is for the initiated, and, similarly, premium space is for those who are ready for an office that will give them a business advantage. “Nurture your business,” instantly springs to our minds.

PR and personal branding Ovidiu Şandor

A large project needs a big fuss – in very good taste, we’d argue. We’re talking the greatest office project outside of the capital, so we thought it was only natural that it should also become the most publicised in 2011. A status which it still holds at present. Let’s not forget the 6th place in the top 10 most viral articles in 2012 according to, with the Style Jukebox project.

The takeover of CBC by Nepi was also the most important transaction of 2012, and was covered in the press accordingly.

The last word belongs to the media value generated (through the positive brand equity), which is of over 200.000 Euro in the trade press (online, print, TV).

One more thing. Ovidiu Şandor was nominated entrepreneur of the year 2012 by Business Review, was nominated as one of the top 13 entrepreneurs to follow in 2013 by Forbes Romania and won the “Transaction of the Year 2012” award by Ziarul Financiar.

colaj_cbc4 colaj 1_cbc


It’s already pretty clear that this project is full of personality by the mere fact that it exists. Let’s see what its visual identity looks like.

We’ve focused on several directions:

  • graphic design and print design for CBC and CBDC (City Business Development Centre)
  • stationery: folders, business cards, personalized stationery for the documents that ensure the good functioning of the business
  • indoor and outdoor banners
  • compliment slips and personalized greeting cards for various occasions
  • the CBC brochure – the most important element in sustaining, presenting and selling the concept.

The brochure was born in our hands: from design, copywriting, graphic design and concept up to deals for offset samples submitted for approval. The results? The spaces in buildings were occupied almost fully, even before they were built. Yes, even the client thought the business went swell.



Since we’d ventured into identity, we thought we might as well try our hand at the site:

  • website maintenance & usability
  • web analytics: monitoring traffic, managing information and transforming it into data that is relevant for optimization
  • copywriting
  • preparing materials for the website
  • changing content, updating information


A project so impressive in size, but especially in its ambitions, deserved an equally great effort. We’ve had a lot to do, and we’re still gladly working our socks off for our client. The results we’re getting are very much worth it.