Casa Altringen | your house in the countryside |

Take a rest

What can happen when friends meet and find themselves looking in the same direction? Dreams are born, ideas are shaped. Brought together by their love of nature, set in motion by the nostalgia of their grandparents’ country houses and eager to share a small corner of Banat heaven, they built Casa Altringen on the most solid of foundations: friendship.

Because we love it in the countryside

Maybe because we didn’t enjoy visiting our grandparents enough in their time. Maybe because it reminds us of our childhood. Maybe because the only fresh smell we feel, day in day out, is that of asphalt being poured in our all-too-dusty cities. Regardless to which of these questions you answered “yes,”  what matters is the breath of fresh air and a place in which you can feel better than at home. Home is where the heart is, and at Casa Altringen you can almost measure the heartbeats.

Tempted by the delicious fare, by the Swabian traditions, and by the thought of the team-buildings we could organize there, we took a deep breath (of fresh air) and we set out on some relaxation campaigns.


We always associate a house in the countryside with weekends or school holidays. When we grow up a little, with days off. When you have no holidays, a day off is a gift from God. Or from the government.

With our minds set on late mornings, the green grass of the countryside and the pastoral hill on which Altringen quietly lies, we set out on a delightful, gourmet, anti-solitary-picnic campaign. ‘Cause the portions are so large we need an army to eat them!

For Dragobete (the Romanian version of Valentine’s), May 1st and St Mary’s, we awaited our guests with delicious, traditional fare, games, a camp fire, and a warm holiday mood to make you feel at home. We “signed” some invitations fit to be framed on the walls of City Business Centre elevators and we talked about what we were going to do on social networks, with all our friends.

And we were thrilled when companies large and small turned up for team-buildings.  But it was them who liked it even more! Especially after they got to ransack the wine cellar.


Social Media Marketing

A topic you care about sparks beautiful stories. What’s there not to like in talking to friends about relaxing, about Swabian traditions, cool stuff to see in the area and how you can go about organising a teambuilding in the countryside? Because it’s good to know that, if you happen to be around, Casa Altringen will put the wood in the fireplace and make you a cup of mulled homemade brandy.

We gathered together all the elements that represent the soul of the guesthouse and we formed, organically, a group of almost 1000 people who were curious to step inside, or smiling faces who thanked us for our hospitality.