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We generate positive publicity by engaging in a permanent dialogue with the right public and by managing our relationship with the media. We identify topics, come up with key messages, write stories, plan events and — we love it! You’re be different from your competition and you deserve a strong, unique brand image.

When we communicate on your behalf, we target all the relevant parties: associations, nonprofit organizations, opinion leaders, clients, competitors, distributors, suppliers and employees. We make sure that we always use the most suitable communication channels for each particular message we want to get across.

In a company, communication – whether we’re talking about commercial messages aimed at customers, business messages, press statements or reports – must always be clear and coherent in order to get quality information  across, straight to the point. We offer copywriting and transcreation services (writing high-quality, targeted text and culturally-aware, contextual translation and adaptation of messages from one language into another) in English, French and Romanian, at the highest standards.

Does your company have anything to communicate?

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